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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the shipping charges for my parcel?

  • The shipping charges are calculated based on the weight of your basket and the destination zip code.
  • While you are shopping you may click on your shopping basket, located on the top right hand side
       of our website.
  • Click on 'Estimate Shipping', select your state from the drop down list and enter your zip code,
       click on 'Calculate Shipping'.

How can I be sure the perishable products I order will arrive in good condition?

  • All perishable products are packed in FDA approved Insulated containers that keep chilled products
       at or below refrigeration temperatures for the duration of the shipping process.
       The containers are essential mini coolers that can be reused by you if you wish.
  • When the products arrive, there should be someone there to place the products in the freezer
      or refrigerator immediately. 
  • Make sure you type in the correct and exact shipping address. This is the biggest reason
       why a parcel is delayed and consequently spoiled. If you are not sure of a shipping address,
       check it before you place the order.
  • For more information on the safety of frozen food, you can read an article published by the
       US Dept. of Agriculture on Frozen food concerns. Click here to read this article
       USDA report on the safety of frozen food

I am looking for a specific product,  but can't remember it's name ?

  • A common question. The best thing to do here is try and remember what type of product
       it is (Tea, biscuit, dessert etc .. ) and browse the categories from our menu bar.
       You could also enter this information in the search box located on top of the left menu bar.

What is the date format on your nonperishable products?

  • The date format used on products in Ireland and the UK is: dd/mm/yy

I don't like using my credit card on the internet, what can I do ?

  • After you place items in your basket and go to checkout to enter your address and credit card number,
       you enter a secure zone on our site. We guarantee that no one will see your name,
       address or credit card details throughout the order process. Its safer than handing
       your credit card over in a restaurant!
  • If you still are not comfortable using  your credit card details, print out your order at the checkout counter
       before you are asked for your credit card information and either fax it to us at 718 944 7363 with your
       credit card details, or call us at 1 877 474 7436. This print out of your order will have stock numbers on it
       which will speed up the process of calling in an order.

How do I track my order?

  • Once your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you a tracking number to the email address you provided.
       You can from that point check where your order is at any time as it makes its way from our warehouse to you.
  • You may also login to your account on our website, view your 'Order History' and click on the tracking number
       assigned to your order.
  • Please make sure that there is somebody at the shipping address to receive the parcel. The Courier may leave
       the parcel at the address if there is nobody home. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that there
       is either somebody home or the courier is authorized to leave the parcel at the shipping address.
  • If the courier cannot make the delivery because there is nobody home, we will be unable to refund
       the cost of the perishable goods if they are spoiled as a result.
  • Please use the 'Special Delivery Instructions' during checkout to assist the courier with delivery.

What happens if my parcel is late or if the goods arrived spoiled?

  • We will gladly refund the cost of spoiled perishable goods that arrive late as a result of the courier making
       an error ( Package delayed in transit etc ... ).
  • We cannot take responsibility for a parcel that was spoiled as a result of an incorrect shipping address
       entered in the order.
  • If a packages is lost in transit the by the shipper ( UPS / USPS / DHL / Fed Ex ) will
       issue a tracer on the package. This process locates the lost package and may take several days. As
       soon as the shipper locates the package and if the package can not be delivered or if the shipper
       determines the package to be 'Lost', we will reship the order as per the original shipping method chosen
       in the original order.
  • PLEASE make sure you have a correct and Valid shipping address. This is the the most common mistake
       people make and everybody looses out as we cannot refund any portion of the cost if perishable goods spoil
       as a result of an incorrect shipping address.
  • PLEASE Make sure you have the correct ZIP code, street address and Apartment number, if any. A business
       address is 100 times safer to ship to than a residential address.
  • PLEASE remember that if you are shipping to an apartment number, you MUST tell the recipient to arrange for
       accepting the parcel if they are not home when the driver come with the parcel. Couriers do not generally leave
       parcels outside apartment doors for security reasons unless instructed to do so by the recipient.
  • If you change the delivery address after your package has shipped there will be a UPS surcharge of $10.00.
       This will be charged to your card.
  • Also, we cannot take responsibility for a parcel that was spoiled as a result of nobody present to receive the
       parcel when it arrives at the shipping address.
  • PLEASE make sure there is somebody there to receive the package when it arrives. If we ship the goods to a
       shipping address and there is nobody there to accept the goods then there is nothing we can do about the
       perishable products that may spoil as a result.

What happens if there are items missing from my order?

  • Inside your order is a packing slip which indicates how many of each item you ordered and
       how many were shipped.
  • A couple of days after you receive your order, an invoice will be e-mailed to you which should match up
       with what was shipped to you. If there is a discrepancy, please call us immediately.
  • You are NEVER charged for items that were not shipped to you even if you ordered them.
  • You may backorder the goods missing from your order by sending an email to
       stating your invoice number and stock number and quantity of items you wish to backorder.
  • Please remember that we accept no liability for being out of stock of any item ordered which was not
       in stock at time of packing and shipping your order.

Do Food Ireland ship internationally?

  • Although we can ship packages internationally we are restricted to non-perishable items.
  • We are unable to ship perishable items internationally as all packages are subject to delays in customs
       and we cannot guarantee that the products will arrive in a satisfactory condition.
  • Perishable items include: Sausages, Rashers, Black & White Pudding, Butter, Cheese, Salmon,
       Ham, Boiling Bacon, Bread and Scones.
  • International Orders are shipped via United States Postal Service and take longer to process
       than domestic orders.
  • When you place an international order on our website we will contact you within 5 business days with the actual
       USPS shipping charges. We will then hold your order until we receive approval from you for these charges.
  • International orders take approximately 6-10 business days for delivery. There may be delays in customs which
       will delay delivery, particularly during the month of December.
  • When shipping to Canada you will also have to consider, and be ready to pay, Canadian customs duties, this is
       charged by the Canadian government. We have no control over this and cannot determine
       the amount that will be charged.

Do Food Ireland ship to APO/FPO/DPO?

  • Although we can ship to these addresses, they do take longer to process.
  • Packages shipping to these addresses must be taken to the post office for shipment.
  • Please allow for approximately 10 business days for these orders to be processed.
  • We are unable to provide tracking information on these packages.

Can I schedule my order to arrive on a particular day?

  • Yes, during checkout there is a section for special delivery instructions.
  • Please add your requested delivery date and any other instruction here.
  • You can order today and schedule your order for delivery on a future date.
  • If we are unable to meet your requested ship date we will contact you and arrange
       for delivery as close to this date as possible.
  • Please remember that no deliveries take place on weekends and there are
       restrictions on perishable delivery days.

Can I specify a delivery time during the day to deliver my package?

  • No, unfortunately at present it is not possible to specify a delivery time during a specific day
       to deliver packages.
  • We use third party couriers who deliver our gifts via hundreds of local drivers.
  • If you believe your recipient or someone on their behalf may not be at home for delivery,
       perhaps you can specify a suitable work address.

Will the recipient know the value of the goods I am sending?

  • No, we only include packing slips in package. These slips do not include prices.

I cannot remember my password!

Is your warehouse open to the public?

  • Unfortunately we do not have a storefront and our warehouse is not open to the public.

What currency am I charged in?

  • We take payments in US$.

Is there a minimum order?

  • Yes, there is a minimum order of $15.00, this does not include shipping charges.

If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the contact button at the bottom of this page to submit a query and we will be happy to get back to you.