Rocket, Salmon and Cheese Pancakes

Salmon Pancakes


3.5oz Plain Flour
10 fl. oz Milk
2 large Eggs
Pinch of Salt
¼ tsp White Ground Pepper
12g Chopped Fresh Chives
Some Olive Oil for frying
7oz Smoked Salmon
3oz Rocket Leaves
7oz Soft Plain Cheese


Put the flour, pepper and salt in a mixing bowl.
Break the eggs in another bowl and whisk, then add the milk and whisk again.
Make a well in the flour mixture and add the egg mixture, beating as you go until you have a smooth batter, add the chopped chives and stir through.
Grease the frying pan with some olive oil and make 8 pancakes – keeping them warm whilst you cook the rest.
Divide the soft cheese between the pancakes, spreading over like butter.
Add a slice of smoked salmon to each, divide the rocket between the pancakes and roll up and serve.

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