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Irish Mixed Grill
4 lamb's kidneys.
4 lamb chops..
2 tablespoons Irish rapeseed oil
Salt and pepper
Pack of Donnelly Irish Bacon
8 Donnelly Irish Sausages
4 tomatoes

Serves 4

Brush the meats with rapeseed oil. Turn on your oven to low setting to keep cooked portion of mixed grill warm while preparing rest
Broil / Grill the sausages and kidneys untill browned, about 10 minutes - put on a plate in warning oven to keep hot. ( can put a paper towel under it to absorbe excess fat )
Broil / Grill the lamb chops and bacon for about 3 minutes each side, chops may take longer
Broil halved tomatoes until brown
Season well with salt and pepper and grill for 2-3 minutes.
Arrange as in picture above and serve

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