Traditional Irish Breakfast
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Traditional Irish Breakfast
1 packet of Donnelly Irish Sausages
1 packet of Donnelly Irish bacon
One Pack Black Pudding
One Pack if White Pudding
4 Eggs
4 Medium tomatoes
4 Boiled ( Cold ) Potatoes
1 Can Irish Beans
Saxa White Pepper
Knob of Irish Butter
Grated Dubliner Cheese

A traditional Irish Breakfast served up by Chrissie at the Irish Coffee Shop in PA

Place a knob of Irish Butter on a frying pan or skillet. ( There is a noticeable difference in taste when you use Irish Butter over cooking oil )
Over a medium heat, fry the bacon until its done the way you like. Try not to cook it like American bacon which is usually done until real crispy. 
Keep the Irish Bacon soft and well browned.
With four plates in the warming section of your oven, place the cooked bacon on one plate and keep hot. You can  place a paper towel on the plate to absorb excess fat from the bacon.
Place the sausages on the frying pan and cook till golden brown all around.
Place in oven on a second plate - keep hot.
Empty contents of can of beans in to a small saucepan and place on low heat.
Slice the puddings and place on the frying pan.
Cut the tomatoes in to quarters and place on pan also.
Slice the Previously boiled chilled potatoes in to slices about 1" thick and place on pan.
Fry the tomatoes, puddings and potatoes till golden brown both sides.
Place in the oven and keep hot.
Finally, fry the eggs and grate Dubliner cheese on top if desired.
This breakfast is great washed down with Irish tea and served with brown bread.