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A Brief History....

Our main store in New York


Food Ireland is a business that has been based in New York City for decades. We produce quality Irish Foods in the Big Apple and import an extensive range of Irish Foods. We have served the Irish American community in the East coast of America for many years and now bring the same tradition to you.

Our retail bakery shown here is the oldest commercial Irish bakery still in business in New York today. We use a larger bakery to fill our larger accounts such as supermarkets and hospitals.


Making Scones by Hand at Traditional Irish Bakery

Baking Soda Bread at our bakery

Traditional Irish Bakery baked products are completely natural and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives of any kind. We use authentic Irish recipes and our ingredients are specially prepared to produce a product you will find no where else.

Our Warehouse:

Food Ireland imports all the Irish Food items we sell directly from the manufacturer in Ireland. This ensures that we have the best possible selection, the freshest goods at the best possible price. Our imported Irish foods are the finest selection of food products manufactured in Ireland. If you have a need for an item that you don't see in our on-line store, you can email us and we most likely will have it here in a couple of weeks.



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