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Summer Notice:   

As the temperatures heat up across the country during the summer months, we strongly advise
our customers, who live outside of the two-day shipping area*, to select Next Day or Second Day air when shipping candy or chocolate covered cookies.

The reason for this is that we do not have any control over the handling of your order once it is handed over to UPS. UPS do NOT have any kind of refrigerated methods of transportation that we know of.

We will pack all chocolate orders in an insulated container and we will include ice packs.  Orders containing chocolate will only ship Monday through Wednesday so that they do not sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.

In the event that you decide to ship your order via ground when outside of the two-day shipping area then your order will not be packed on ice.  We are not responsible for damage or spoilage due to excessive heat in transit, and UPS will not accept claims for heat damage.

 We also recommend that, if you are at work during the day, and cannot have the order shipped to your place of business, consider having the order shipped to a neighbor, or a friend. That way the package is not left out in the heat of the day.

If in doubt, please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss shipping your order before it is placed. 

* The following states are within the two-day shipping area and may select ground: CT, DC, DE, IN, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV and certain areas of the following states: KY, GA, MI and IL. Please see the map below for further details.

Please note the following: Shipping Policies is dedicated to delivering your order in pristine condition. Because we ship perishable and non perishable food items, each order is subject to our quality control parameters. This page outlines how we handle your order.
Please allow 2 - 3 business days for order processing.

Perishable Items Shipping restrictions.

To ensure the highest quality of products delivered to you, perishable items have shipping restrictions aimed at minimizing the 'time in transit'.
All Orders containing perishable products must be delivered within two days after leaving our warehouse.

  • Perishable Products:
    There are three main factors which affect an order containing perishable items:

    1. It must be shipped to ensure it arrives within two days. There are some exceptions.

    2. No orders containing perishable items can be shipped after Wednesday, as they would sit in a shippers warehouse over the weekend and spoil. There are some exceptions.

    3. An order containing a Small Perishable Item ( SPI ) must have a minimum of four SPI's in the order before we can ship it. This is due to packaging constraint in shipping Small Perishable Items.
  • Non Perishable items: Non Perishable products have no real shipping restrictions. They are shipped Monday thru Friday.
  • Shipping Perishable items internationally: Due to customs delays outside our control and foreign Health Department regulations, its is not possible to ship perishable items outside of the United States. We can only ship perishable items within the United States of America.

What are Small Perishable Items (SPI's)?

  • A Small Perishable Item is one individual piece of a chilled or Frozen product. They must be packed in an insulated container in order to be shipped. We need to put a minimum of four Small Perishable items in our smallest insulated container before we can ship. One or two Small perishable items in this insulated container are not sufficient to keep the temperature at the desired level before it reaches you.
  • When you order SPI's, you need to order a minimum of four of these items before we can ship them to you.
  • SPI's have stock numbers beginning in the letters 'SPI'. They are basically all the individual Meat and Dairy products.
  • If you order a Large Perishable Item, you can order as few SPI's as you wish.
  • Imported Bread is considered a perishable item for shipping, but is not required to go in to an insulated container.

What are Large Perishable Items (LPI's)?

  • A Large Perishable Item is basically a collection of Small Perishable Items and sold as a unit. They consist of our breakfast packages. All Large Perishable Items begin with the stock number LPI.
  • If you order a LPI, you can order as many or few of the Small Perishable Items as you wish. They extra SPI's you order will be placed in the insulated container with your LPI.

Are there any other types of Perishable Products ?

  • Bread is considered a perishable product. Our bread does not have any packaging restrictions as chilled products, but they are classified as a perishable product and need to arrive within two days of shipping.
  • Bread Freezes well, so if you order bread, place what bread you are not eating immediately in the freezer.
  • You may order as few or as many pieces of bread as you wish with your order.

What happens if I order a mixture of Perishable and non Perishable items ?

  • We will split the order up in to the perishable and non-perishable components.
  • If there is a savings to you by shipping the non perishable portion of your order by ground transportation, we will do so. Otherwise we will ship your entire order so it arrives to you within two days.

This all seems complicated, what happens if I choose incorrectly ?

  •  We check each and every order to make sure that the correct shipping method has been picked. Our aim is to make sure that your order arrives in perfect condition. This is our job and we guarantee that we ship you order by the most cost effective route.
  • If you picked ground transportation for a perishable item and if we need to change it to Air transportation to ensure the products arrive in perfect condition, there will be a increase in the shipping charge.

What shipping methods are available?

Orders placed on our website are all downloaded to be processed the following business day. Orders are processed on a FIFO system ( First In, First Out ).

When you select a shipping method, it will refer to the time in transit and not the time from when you place your order:

UPS Next Day Air:

For example: If you place your order on Monday selecting Next Day Air, we will process and ship your order on Tuesday with a scheduled delivery of Wednesday.

If, however, you select Next Day Air on a Thursday, then we can ship your order on Friday to arrive on Saturday, but there will be an additional UPS charge for Saturday Delivery.  You will be emailed and asked if you would like to proceed with this or if you would like us to hold your order and ship the following Monday to arrive on Tuesday.

If you select Next Day Air on Friday, Saturday or Sunday your order will ship on Monday to arrive on Tuesday.

UPS 2nd Day Air:

If you select UPS 2nd Day Air, your order will be processed the following business day. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for shipment. Please remember we only ship perishable orders on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

UPS Ground:

If you select UPS Ground your order will be processed the following business day. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for shipment. If you order contains perishable items it will be shipped in accordance with our shipping guidelines whereby it will not be shipped over a weekend.

Note: During peak seasons, there may be a longer delay in shipping your order. (Due to the volume of orders we receive during the months of November, December and March, please allow 3-4 business days for order processing.)

What shipping method should I choose when ordering perishable items?

If your shipping address is within the 1 - 2 transit days outlined below by UPS then you may select UPS Ground.  If you are located outside these areas and you have ordered some perishable items then please select UPS 2nd Day Air.  If you have any queries or you are not sure what you should choose then please do not hesitate to contact us on our toll free number: 877 474 7436.


How long does it take for my order to be packed and shipped ?

  • Orders placed on our internet site are all processed for the following business day. Orders are processed on a FIFO system ( First In, First Out ). Please allow 1-2 business days for order shipment.
  • Any order that contains perishable items generally cannot be shipped on Thursday or Friday as they would sit on a truck over the weekend and spoil.
  • Orders containing perishable items received on or after Wednesday are shipped the following Monday. There are some exceptions.
  • During peak seasons, there may be a longer delay in shipping your order.
  • In some cases, if a stock item is missing from your order, we may hold your order for a few days  as we retrieve the missing stock item from our inventories stored at a different location.

How do we calculate shipping charges ?

  • All orders are shipped UPS or USPS. As you add items to your shopping basket, the weight of your basket increases. Once you enter the shipping address, the shipping charge is calculated.
  • These shipping charges are then presented to you instantly. You save considerably over other mail order shipping charges as you only pay shipping for what you order. Other mail order companies add on arbitrary shipping charges to order resulting in most orders being overcharged for shipping. 
  • You can check shipping charges for yourself in the ups website.
  • If you change the delivery address after your package has shipped there will be a UPS surcharge of $10.00. This will be charged to your card. 

How can I track my order ?

  • Once your order leaves our warehouse, we will send you a tracking number to the email address you provide us. You can from that point check where your order is at any time as it makes its way from our warehouse to you.
  • You may also track you order by clicking on the tracking icon which appears on the left menu of every screen and entering in your order number. 
  • Please make sure that there is somebody at the shipping address to receive the parcel. They Courier may leave the parcel at the address if there is nobody home. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that there is either somebody home or the courier is authorized to leave the parcel at the shipping address.
  • If the courier cannot make the delivery because nobody home, we will be unable to refund the cost of the perishable goods if they are spoiled as a result.

What happens if the parcel is late or if the goods arrive spoiled ?

  • We will gladly refund the cost of spoiled perishable goods that arrive late as a result of the courier making an error ( Package delayed in transit etc ... ). 
  • We cannot take responsibility for a parcel that was spoiled as a result of an incorrect shipping address entered in the order.
  • If a packages is lost in transit the by the shipper ( UPS / USPS / DHL / Fed Ex ) will issue a tracer on the package.
    This process locates the lost package and may take several days. As soon as the shipper locates the package and if the package can not be delivered or if the shipper determines the package to be 'Lost', we will reship the order as per the original shipping method chosen in the original order.
  • PLEASE make sure you have a correct and Valid shipping address. This is the the most common mistake people make and everybody looses out as we can not refund any portion of the cost if perishable goods spoil as a result of an incorrect shipping address.
  • PLEASE Make sure you have the correct ZIP code, street address and Apartment number, if any. A business address is 100 times safer to ship to than a residential address.
  • PLEASE remember that if you are shipping to an apartment number, you MUST tell the recipient to arrange for accepting the parcel if they are not home when the driver come with the parcel.  Couriers do not generally leave parcels outside apartment doors for security reasons unless instructed to do so by the recipient.
  • If you change the delivery address after your package has shipped there will be a UPS surcharge of $10.00. This will be charged to your card. 
  • Also, we cannot take responsibility for a parcel that was spoiled as a result of nobody present to receive the parcel when it arrives at the shipping address.
  • PLEASE make sure there is somebody there to receive the package when it arrives. If we ship the goods to a shipping address and there is nobody there to accept the goods then there is nothing we can do about the perishable products that may spoil as a result. 

What happens if there are items missing from my order ?

  • Inside your order is a packing slip which indicates how many of each item you ordered and how many were shipped. 
  • A couple of days after you receive your order, an invoice will be e-mailed to you which should match up with what was shipped to you. If there is a discrepancy, please call us immediately. 
  • You are NEVER charged for items that were not shipped to you even if you ordered them.
  • You may backorder the goods missing from your order by sending an email to stating your invoice number and stock number and quantity of items you wish to backorder.
  • Please remember that we accept no liability for being out of stock of any item ordered which was not in stock at time of packing and shipping your order. 

Do Food Ireland ship internationally?

Although we can ship packages internationally we are restricted to non-perishable items. 

We are unable to ship perishable items internationally as all packages are subject to delays in customs and we cannot guarantee that the products will arrive in a satisfactory condition.  Perishable items include: Sausages, Rashers, Black & White Pudding, Butter, Cheese, Salmon, Ham, Boiling Bacon, Bread and Scones.

International Orders are shipped via United States Postal Service and take longer to process than domestic orders. When you place an international order on our website we will contact you within 5 business days with the actual USPS shipping charges. We will then hold your order until we receive approval from you for these charges.

International orders take approximately 6-10 business days for delivery. There may be delays in customs which will delay delivery, particularly during the month of December.

When shipping to Canada you will also have to consider, and be ready to pay, Canadian customs duties, this is charged by the Canadian government. We have no control over this and cannot determine the amount that will be charged.

Do Food Ireland ship to APO/FPO/DPO?

Although we can ship to these addresses, they do take longer to process. Packages shipping to these addresses must be taken to the post office for shipment. Please allow for approximately 10 business days for these orders to be processed.

Can I order products by the case?

We offer a wide range of our products by the case.  When you purchase items by the case, you save anywhere from 10% to 50% on the full retail prices of the individual retail units of those items.
If at the time of purchasing the case you ordered is out of stock in our warehouse, we will email you with an expected replenish date and we will ship the case as soon as the product arrives to our warehouse. Please note we cannot back order sale items.
It is important to note that we are importing products from Ireland and our stock levels can be subject to delays due to our supplier in Ireland and also customs here in the US.


Terms of Use.

  • By using and shopping at, you are accepting the terms and conditions as set forth in our Terms of Use notice. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions in our terms of use clause, you only course of action is not to use or shop at our store.

By using, you are accepting the practices described in this Shipping Notice.

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