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Irish Food, Taste the Tradition  we are rich in.

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If you crave for a taste of Ireland
This is the store for you!


Food from Ireland has long been marveled and reveled about. The main reason Irish Food is so popular by Irish Cooks and why Irish recipes are featured in some of the most popular restaurants in the world is its supreme quality.

How can one boast this attribute. Starting from the very land in which it comes from, Irish food is produced in a country, Ireland, that is so natural and pollution free, it's amazing that such a country exists. However it does and that Country is Ireland.
Irelands lack of natural mines and it's island status resulted in the industrial revolution completely by-passing the country. Although this left Ireland a poorer country than it's European neighbors at the time, it has resulted in being the foundation for our most precious industry, agriculture. 
Irelands lands were left untouched of industrial developments, which in those days left no consideration to the value of precious resources such as water, land and air. Building on this, the naturally rich lands have produced some of the best quality foods in the world.

Today, Ireland exports it's foods to every continent on the globe. People are demanding more and more from the foods they consume, and it's no surprise that Ireland is becoming a more valuable source for quality food than ever before.

At Traditional Irish Foods, we continue this tradition by producing some of the great Irish Foods that you find in Ireland. We stock most other grocery items found in Ireland and are available for immediate delivery in the US, Canada and indeed the rest of the World.

At this store you can find fresh baked Irish Bakery products which we mix using traditional Irish techniques. Flour is grown milled in Chicago to our specified characteristics which most resemble the same strain and quality flour that is milled in Ireland.
Our biggest seller by far is Irish Soda Bread, followed by our raisin scones and Brown Bread. The remaining popular items are Barm Brack and Batch Bread, an Irish version of Italian Bread.

The Irish Breakfast range at Traditional Irish Foods is by far the biggest and best value range you will find in the United States today. We stock both imported Irish Sausages, Rashers and pudding from Ireland. We also stock the same breakfast products only made in the US following Strict Irish Standards. The former offers the authentic Irish Product while the latter offers a similarly high quality product, with the added advantage of being fresh ( never frozen ) and so keeping a more natural taste and is less expensive.

A Grocery store is only as good as what's in stock, and our store has over one thousand items in stock. From our huge selection of Irish Cookies or Biscuits to Beverages, Irish Tea and Irish sodas, from the vast selection of Irish Candy or Sweets to Cereal, Potato Chips, Dessert Items and our Home Cooking range, which has every item you need to whip up a Traditional Irish Meal, you will be sure to find what you looking for in our store.

The Deli section of our store features our prized fresh Irish Smoked Salmon that will surpass the quality of most other imported salmons to the US. We also feature Irish Butter and Dairy Spreads, and Imported Irish Cheeses.

If you are looking for a gift for that special some one, try looking at our Gift Baskets of Hampers. Special Pricing is available for Corporate Purchases of ten or more of these baskets.

Last but not least, we stock many Irish Papers, from the Daily Irish Times or Independent, to the weekly regional papers such as the Cork Examiner or Sligo Champion.

Thank you for you interest in our company.

Traditional Irish Foods Inc.